Homemade Coconut Milk From Fresh Coconut

A lot of my dishes on Ankitha Gadag’s Recipes feature coconut milk. I have always bought canned coconut milk from the store which essentially presents two problems.

1) I don’t like anything out of a can. The idea of the remnants of tin/metal in my food is enough to give your girl nightmares.

2) Preservatives/Artificial ingredients. Avoid them as much as possible!!

Here is a great recipe for making your own coconut milk! Who knew it was so easy 🙂

Coconut milk is one of my favorite ingredients. I usually buy coconut milk cans in bulk and use it in everything from smoothies, desserts to savory recipes like curry or soups. Even though I use it…

Source: Homemade Coconut Milk From Fresh Coconut

Author: Ankitha Gadag

Recipe Curator & Tastemaker behind AnkithaGadagRecipes!

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